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Beautiful very solid massiv silver or solid golden bracelet with a width of 8 mm. in which a beautiful 4-strand braid is incorporated.
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Beautiful very solid massive silver or solid golden bracelet with a width of 8 mm. and 2mm thick in which a nice 4-string-braid is incorporated. The clasp is developed and designed by us. It makes sure that it is easy to put on, is fitted to your arm and is easy to lock.
The bracelet can be further personalized by engravings on the inside and outside. A diamond/zirconia can also be nicely set in a closing part (3 crt. diamond € 105,-; 1.5 crt. diamond € 80,-; zirconia € 25,-). This bracelet is most suitable for wrist circumference sizes 16 to 19 cm. For this bracelet, pass on a circumference size of the wrist as well as the widest diameter of the wrist. The shape of the bracelet is round, in solid gold this band is made oval.

Required horsehair
For this bracelet we need a pen thickness of hair over an entire length of 40 cm. For some bracelets, a little less hair is also sufficient. However, we would like to have a choice of the most suitable hairs for the jewellery. If you do not have the entire desired amount of hair, you can contact us.

Maintenance set
Every piece of jewellery comes with a maintenance set. Use this to keep your jewellery in optimum condition.