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Many beautiful and nice variations are possible for these bracelets. In the first photo you see a big engraving element across the silver fastening that surrounds the horsehair. As soon as some choices have been entered, the price will automatically be displayed.


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Many beautiful and good-looking variations are possible with bracelet ‘Cocktail’. The top photo shows a bracelet with polished silver elements. Opposite the silver closure is a larger engraving element that completely encloses the horse hair, incorporated in the bracelet. The length of the engraving element is adjusted to the length of the name or text to be engraved, so that a nice division is created between braiding and engraved silver. Normally we use an elegant font, such as ‘Nicolet’ on bracelet photo 2, but also an extra elegant font, such as ‘Goodtimes’ on the bracelet, the matt silver bracelet of photo 4 is also possible.

Instead of the standard small silver elements next to the engraving element, you can opt for a larger square element in which a heart or letter can be engraved, a zirconia/diamond can be used or an element with an open heart. On the photo of the white bracelet, 2 extra larger elements are engraved with a heart. In the photo with the chestnut colored hair you see extra large elements with a zirconia. A zirconia or diamond can also be placed behind and/or in front of the name.

The cost of a larger square element without engraving or zirconia is €15,-. And element with engraving is €30,-. With a zirconia an element will be €35,- and €95,- with a 0.015 ct. diamond. A larger square element with a cut out heart cost €40,-.

Required horsehair
For this bracelet we need a pen thickness of hair over an entire length of 40 cm. For some bracelets, a little less hair is also sufficient. However, we would like to have a choice of the most suitable hairs for the jewellery. If you do not have the entire desired amount of hair, you can contact us.

Maintenance set
Every piece of jewellery comes with a maintenance set. Use this to keep your jewellery in optimum condition.

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