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Many variations are possible with these beautiful model. The length and shape of the top can be fully adjusted as desired.
Look for a full description at the bottom of this page. As soon as some choices have been entered, the price will automatically be displayed.

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A slightly bigger variation of the ‘Cella’ serie of rings though still a refined ring with a 4-string-braid in a bedding of 3mm. The rims that enclose the braiding are a little bit bigger which makes the ring 5mm wide. This type of ring has an extra top opposite the existing element. The existing element is then worn on the inside of the hand where it provides extra protection for the horse hair. The length and shape of the top can be completely adjusted to your wishes.
In the photos you can see different lengths and shapes of the extra top. Several diamonds or zirconias can also be placed in an extended top.
Regardless of the length, the cost for an extra silver top is €35,- and from €135,- in gold.

Required horsehair
For all rings a pencil thickness of hairs with a length of 25 cm is enough.
For several rings, a little less hair will also suffice. However, we would like to have a choice of the most suitable hairs for the jewellery. If you do not have the entire desired amount of hair, you can contact us.

Maintenance set
Every piece of jewellery comes with a maintenance set. Use this to keep your jewellery in optimum condition.

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